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Wey Valley Advanced Motorcyclists (WVAM) are a motorcycle club providing Advanced Motorcycle Training in Surrey, East Hampshire, West London, South Berkshire and North Sussex. WVAM are affiliated to IAM RoadSmart. WVAM has charitable status (registered charity number 1050868) and is run entirely by volunteers dedicated to motorcycling.

  • Our Strategic Purpose:
    To foster a vibrant motorcycling community which promotes safer riding for all, lifelong rider skills development and a friendly and inclusive social environment.
    Wey Valley Advanced Motorcyclists (WVAM) is a road safety charity which promotes and practises motorcycling excellence and machine control. In our club we offer a programme of on-going rider skills training, delivered by volunteers and based on the IAM RoadSmart syllabus. This enables us to create and maintain a robust and safe riding community. We are committed to inclusivity, diversity and mutual respect in all that we do both within our club and the broader biking family. Our club camaraderie thrives through our active team of volunteers who run our vibrant programme of social rides and events.
  • We focus our efforts in three main areas:
    To equip and develop our training capacity to deliver the highest possible IAM pass rate, and enhance the skills and safety of all our riding members.
    To build and maintain a fit infrastructure to support all Club activities.
    To attract a healthy number of new associates and engage the existing membership to participate and contribute to the Club’s activities and ensure a sustainable future for WVAM.

The club was founded in 1984, and has a wealth of experience to call on. We have in excess of 500 members, with around 80 Observer members providing the skills to associates to prepare them for their advanced test. Our well-established Observer training scheme also enables you to further improve your skills and knowledge after passing your Advanced Rider test.

Wey Valley members ride a wide variety of machines ranging from scooters & cruisers to classics and the latest sports bikes, so you will be welcome whatever you ride, but you must have a bike which can progressively accelerate to and easily reach the national speed limit.
Once you have passed your advanced test you don’t need to stop. Remember – the best riders never stop learning. We hope you will continue to be a member of WVAM, improving your skills and experience on one of the many courses the club runs, or even participate in further training to become an Observer and learn to pass on the skills that you have learnt. What We Do.

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(On the first Sunday of every month 09:00-14:00)

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