What We Do

Our aim is for you to pass your IAM Advanced Rider Course (ARC) and then remain with us to help us be the socially active club we are today. Inattentive drivers and increasingly crowded roads make you as a motorcyclist ever more vulnerable. Our goal is to improve all aspects of your riding skills, such as your observation, anticipation and your machine control, so that you have the best chance of avoiding problems. We will help you to become a smoother, safer and more progressive rider, whilst at the same time making the experience fun and mixing in a great social calendar. How We Do It.

Leenane - Ireland

Our extensive social calendar includes:-

  • Rideouts to interesting locations most weekends and on regular weekdays.
  • Club nights.
  • Track training days.
  • Machine Handling days.
  • Slow control workshops.
  • Off road riding days.
  • Weekend trips throughout the UK.
  •  Overseas tours.
  •  BBQ’s and parties!
  •  and of course, our Observed Sunday meeting on the first Sunday of every month.
Slow Control Workshop
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