Note: Due to current Coronavirus restrictions we are not currently meeting at Ripley Village Hall on the first Sunday of every month.
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Club Officials

Official Position: El Presidente

Gerry Thorn

Official Position:Chairman
Age: “18 till I die”
Occupation: Formerly product director for Roberts Radio, now a ROG.
Current Bike: BMW S1000RR, BMW R1250GS LC, Ducati 749s
Started Riding: Learnt to ride at age 17 on a BSA B25 Starfire.
Fantasy Bike: V4 Panigale
Favourite Road: Anywhere foreign.
History: Had a break from biking for 30+ years, returned to biking before I got too wrinkly and “couldn’t get my leg over anymore”. Took a Met Police BikeSafe course where they introduced me to Wey Valley Advanced Motorcyclists.
Most Embarrassing Biking Moment: Dropping my K1200s on a garage forecourt in front of a ROG’s group.

Official Position: Chief Observer

Peter Kearns

Official Position: Committee Secretary (Group Secretary in IAM RoadSmart terms)
Age: Old enough to know better, young enough not to care.
Occupation: Retired. In past, research into oil-spill dispersants at sea; some proper jobs; FE teaching; research into non-exam-based-assessment methodology; adviser on assessment to National Council for Vocational Qualifications; management research and teaching at Henley Management College; set up and ran own consultancy on training and assessment research for 25 years, including developing the assessment methodology for Investors in People and for assessor of IiP. Now a volunteer at Brooklands Museum, stewarding, tour guiding and aviation conservation work.
Current Bike: Yamaha Tracer 700 (MT07)
Started Riding: 1968, then passed car test in 1969 and passed bike test in 1970 – before the bike test was a proper test.
Fantasy Bike: Laverda Jota.
Favourite Road: B4000, Newbury to Swindon.
History: Started with a Yamaha 90 StepThrough (not really motorcycling, more cycling with a sewing machine motor). Then BSA Bantam, BSA A10 Gold Flash; Honda CB175, Honda CB400; BMW R100RS; Yamaha MT07. Also, once allowed to ride a 1926 Brough Superior SS100 at an event at Brooklands Museum.
Most Embarrassing Biking Moment: On the Yamaha 90, being passed, going uphill, by a fellow college student doing his morning milk round, in an electric milk float. No, he did not pretend not to notice me to save my embarrassment.

Elizabeth Getgood

Official Position: Treasurer
Age:One shouldn’t ask that of a lady
Occupation: – Too many to list
Current bike: Harley Davidson 883 Superlow and Softtail Heritage Classic
Started Riding: Aged 16
Fantasy Bike: Another Harley
Favourite Road: still looking for it
History: Started on Yamaha FS1E then a Honda 125 a green Honda and then CBR grey import
Most Embarrassing Biking moment: a list too long as I keep adding to it

Peter Tanner
Peter Tanner

Official Position: Membership Secretary
: I have been complaining for a little over 50 years so I am good at it but I still aspire to be a ROG
Occupation: Examiner, so watch your spelling on your application forms
Current Bikes: BMW K1600 GTL & K1200 LT both with many long journey comforts
Started riding: As soon as I was legal on my FS1E
Fantasy Bike: I already have it but if it had a coffee machine fitted on it…
Favourite Road: Any without potholes but the roads in France, Wales or Devon are some of my favourites.
History: Started at 16 on my Fizzy and have had many in between such as RD 250 LCs, Super Dreams and the odd scooter too. Then I got myself an old BMW R100 and fell in love with BMWs. No chains to fiddle about with, reliable, comfortable and almost indestructible. I have had most model of BMW since (but never a GS believe it or not!!) but love the size and luxury of my K 1600 GTL and 1200 LT. Never owned a new bike and the most nearly new I have had is two-years old. Not a sports bike fan as I do a lot of riding for work up and down the country.
Most embarrassing biking moment: I was a teenager who had just said his goodbyes to a new girlfriend and while she was waving at the door I Forgot to go around a bend and left a person sized hole in a wooden fence just like the ones in the cartoons. Had a few more since which is why I joined WVAM and learnt how to do embarrassing things like a pro.

John Braddick

Official Position: Communications
Current Bike:
Started Riding:
Fantasy Bike:
Favourite Road:
Most Embarrassing Biking Moment:

Janet Jones

Official position: External Media
Age: almost 60!!!
Occupation: Coach and trainer
Current Bike: Harley Davidson Softail Slim
Started riding: Age 50
Fantasy bike: A Harley that fits me!
Favourite Road: So very many… The Blue Ridge Parkway in the USA
History: Learned to ride late in life and fell off regularly for the first couple of years, which hurt. Decided I’d better learn to do this thing properly and began to do any advanced training I could find, and learned masses from the outstanding riders at WVAM. Now it’s a real passion – mostly touring – I have ridden all over the world, and done a few long solo trips.
Most Embarrassing Biking Moment: Like the roads, so very many… Probably being caught using my sheewee (Google it!) in a layby.

Kim Aitchison

Official Position: Off Bike Social Secretary
Age: Young at heart.
Occupation: Jack of all trades
Current Bike: BMW R1200RS in black.
Started Riding: Late in life.
Favourite Road: Somewhere hot and sunny.
History: Too long to mention.
Most Embarrassing Biking Moment: Of many when I have dropped my bike, must be the one when I dropped a bike whilst I was doing a test ride!

Howard Dixon

Official Position: On Bike Social Secretary
Age: Pre Elizabethan
Occupation: Well established ROG. Previous life worked in the oil and gas industry North Sea and various other unsavoury places.
Current Bike: Triumph Explorer.
Started Riding: Back in the day when cars needed someone to walk in front with a red flag.
Fantasy Bike: Prefer the real world.
Favourite Road: There are plenty about. Done quite a few and would like to find a few more .
History: First bike was a LI150 followed by a Norton Dominator then a Triumph Bonny. Then gap of some 20 years. Returned to biking back in the late 90’s with a Yamaha Fazer, quickly realised that traffic and bikes had moved on somewhat since the early 70’s so I joined WVAM and am still learning. Every day a school day. Triumph Sprint 955, then a Sprint 1050. Aged started to catch up so had some fun with a Ducati Multy before going back to the real world with the Explorer.
Most Embarrassing Biking Moment: A few mishaps along the way, not easy to decide which was the worst.

Official Position: Charity Officer

Official Position: Vice Chairman