Club officials

Club President

Mike Davidson

Mike Davidson

Official Position: El Presidente
Age: I have my bus pass so now have another choice of transport.
Occupation: Dedicated leisure enthusiast. Golf, squash, motorbiking, holidays. It’s a tough life.
Current Bike: Multistrada for touring. FZ1 for playing.
Started Riding: Age 15 on my brother’s Honda C50. On his license too, if I got stopped.
Fantasy Bike: Would have to be a Harley Electroglide that corners like a sports bike.
Favourite Road: When approaching the Royal Military Canal near Rye, I always feel a tinge of excitement, as I know what’s coming up. Abroad, any road that goes out of Calais, then I know another adventure is beginning.
History:- Messed about from age 15. Had a couple of commuter bikes, but middle age crisis at 40 saw me get a big bike instead of a girlfriend. Joined Wey Valley and haven’t looked back. Love riding today, as much if not more than I did 20 years ago. Have tried track, trials, speedway, but the best buzz is still social riding with a group of likeminded mates, whether it’s a day out or a tour with wives and luggage.
Most Embarrassing Biking Moment:- Whilst getting off my bike to debrief an associate on an observed run, I fell over and broke my collarbone.
Felt such a twat, but didn’t want him to know so carried on for another hour in agony.


The Committee

Tim Goodman

Tim Goodman

Official Position: Chairman
Age: Younger than I look, older than I feel, but I am a licensed ROG
Occupation: You know what they say – never been so busy since I retired, and it’s true.
Current Bike: BMW 1200 GSA, my third over the years, the Harley Old-School Custom is work in progress.
Started Riding: Yes as a sixteener, for a few years, scooters, BSA’s, a Tiger Cub, fell off here and there, but then the roads were quieter before the war…..
Fantasy Bike: Anything with a Radial Aero Engine.
Favourite Road: Some great roads here in Devon or Yorkshire, but always found in Spain, France or Germany.
Bike History:- An early start, then mortgage and life caused a gap until around the 1990’s when I returned to 2 strokes, a Yamaha TDR 250 what a manic machine ! I’ve been busy and worked through the Yamaha catalogue, then the Honda one, had a few BMW’s but only one Kawasaki. Enjoyed Harleys, but not yet a Ducati, still there’s time.
Most Embarrassing Biking Moment:- Probably my latest and grandest exhibit, demonstrating slow control turns and diving onto the tarmac.


Crispin d’Albertanson
Official Position: Chief Observer
Age: Catching up with the rest of the committee
Current Bike: 
BMW HP4 & R1200RT LC
Started Riding: 
On the fields and farm tracks when I was 10
Fantasy Bike: HP4 Race or Ducati V4 Panigale Superleggera
Favourite Road: Nurburgring Nordschleife and Cadwell Park
History:- Had a go at most stuff on two wheels in many different countries including a bit of racing, adventure overlanding, touring, off-roading and messing around on airfields!
Most Embarrassing Biking Moment:- Falling off my Honda SS50 moped leaving school trying to grind the longest pedal scrape in the school drive!


Peter Kearns
Official Position: Group Secretary


Elizabeth Getgood
Official Position: Treasurer
Age – One shouldn’t ask that of a lady
Occupation – Too many to list
Current bike: Harley Davidson 883 Superlow and Softtail Heritage Classic
Started Riding: Aged 16
Fantasy Bike: Another Harley
Favourite Road:  still looking for it
History: Started on Yamaha FS1E then a Honda 125 a green Honda and then CBR grey import
Most Embarrassing Biking moment: a list too long as I keep adding to it


Peter Tanner
Official Position: Membership Secretary


John Braddick

John Braddick

Official Position: Communications
Current Bike:
Started Riding:
Fantasy Bike:
Favourite Road:
Most Embarrassing Biking Moment:-


Janet Jones

Official position: External Media
Age: almost 60!!!
Occupation: Coach and trainer
Current Bike: Harley Davidson Softail Slim
Started riding: Age 50
Fantasy bike: A Harley that fits me!
Favourite Road: So very many… The Blue Ridge Parkway in the USA
History: Learned to ride late in life and fell off regularly for the first couple of years, which hurt.  Decided I’d better learn to do this thing properly and began to do any advanced training I could find, and learned masses from the outstanding riders at WVAM.  Now it’s a real passion – mostly touring – I have ridden all over the world, and done a few long solo trips.
Most Embarrassing Biking Moment: Like the roads, so very many…  Probably being caught using my sheewee (Google it!) in a layby.


Sally Webster.
Official Position: Off Bike Social Secretary
Age: A lady never tells her age
Current Bike: I do not have one.
Started Riding: Never, being a pillion is enough
Favourite Road: Ones that have no gravel or pot holes
History:– l have been a pillion on my husbands bike since 2000, when we did our first trip with the club. Since then we have done 3 or 4 trips a year, riding all over europe, and east and west coast USA too.


Rodney Rayner
Official Position:  On Bike Social Secretary
Age: I haven’t retired yet !
Occupation: Company Director
Current Bike: Yamaha MT10 SP
Started Riding: Age 16 until I could afford a car, then continuously for the last 30 plus years.
Fantasy Bike: Whatever I own at the time (until the NEC bike show !)
Favourite Road: Anywhere in the Alps or Dolomites, but lets say the Susten Pass, Switzerland.
History: As mentioned I started riding at 16 for about a year, until I got a car (that cost £25- !) Bought a Honda Spacy scooter when I was 26 for getting around London. Took my test on that and bought a second hand Honda VF500F2. Having just passed my test on a twist and go scooter this was quite daunting, especially when I asked the guy if I could take it for a test ride and he got on the back !! Anyway, that was the start of my biking passion. I’ve had sooo many bikes since then, of almost every type and brand !. I only ride for pleasure and this year clocked up nearly 16,000 miles on my MT10SP.
I’ve been enjoying the odd track day almost every year over this period. Back then the track day business didn’t exist, almost everyone rode their bike to the track, no tyre warmers etc, and hoped to ride it home again……or courtesy of the AA on some occasions !
My first experience of Advanced Riding was with Jon Taylor when he was part of Rapid Training.
Every year I try to do a trip to the Alps & Dolomites and this year had a great trip to the Spanish Pyrenees.
Most Embarrassing Biking Moment: I try very hard to avoid those…….